With any business there are certain resources and tools that you need to get the job done.

The beauty of building an online business is that many of the tools required are designed to ‘Automate’ a large proportion of the daily grind for you.

Below you will find a list of those I feel are absolutely necessary if you want to build a successful online business. Let me be super clear on this…these are NOT recommendations, these are tools you NEED if you are going to be successful online.

Auto Responder Software

An auto responder is a tool that enables you to collect data. Primarily, Name, Email and Phone number data to name a few.

This data then builds into a list of your prospective customers or buyers and you are able to connect with all of them via email at the touch of a button.

You can also set up a sequence of pre-written emails that are delivered on specific days and even at pre chosen times of the day, so your prospects are never out of the loop with what you have to offer them. Set it up ONCE and the system will handle the rest, freeing you valuable time to deal with more important aspects of growing your business.

Email marketing is a massive part of our business. Through it we continue to grow and nurture our customer base via our various campaigns which are all stored safely inside the system and managed using a simple dashboard style layout.

In short, you CANNOT build a list of customers effectively without this! Here are the two providers I personally use and therefore recommend. Just click on the image and see which you feel is right for you…     Aweber logo

  get response logo

Website Hosting

This is an absolute given. How can you build and run an online business without your OWN sites?? And if you want to control your own sites, you need a good reliable provider to ‘Host’ or display them online for you.     midphase logo

Midphase are the company that I use to host all my websites and again they come highly recommended. I have always found them to be reliable (I have never had any of my sites go down), professional, and very friendly.

Something that is also very important when taking out hosting is ongoing support. Again I cannot rate Midphase highly enough for this. They have LIVE chat that is available 24/7 should you need help or assistance with anything to do with your sites.

Click the logo above to visit their site and see which package is best suited for you and your business, and don’t forget that I am always here to help if you get stuck or you’re not sure which package to go for.

Domain Name Purchasing

I tend to buy my domain names through my hosting account because its just easy and maybe I’m a little lazy like that sometimes! But if you’re looking for a really good deal on purchasing your new domains, you wont get much better than NameCheap (the company name says it all)

namecheap logo

Tracking & Optimization

Unless you’re happy to poor cold hard cash down the toilet, you NEED to be optimizing your websites to achieve the maximum ROI. The only way you can do this is by tracking your visitors and using that data to provide a better ‘Customer Experience’

You don’t need to be a computer GEEK to do it either! There are a ton of companies out there providing tracking solutions for small businesses. We know, because we’ve tried most of them!

By far the easiest and most ‘Newbie Friendly’ is ClickMagick. Everything you need to optimize your sites, track your conversions and sales is right here.

ClickMagick logo

If you have any questions on the above tools / software we use, what they do and WHY we use them, feel free to contact us on:


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