Time is Money…??

You’ve heard the popular phrase “Time is Money” right?

The principle behind it being that to make more money you must put in more time…and to be fair that’s what the vast majority of us are used to.

I was no different…

I remember when I worked in the employed world it seemed no matter how well I did, I had to put more effort in to earn more money.

Every new customer gained brought with it additional responsibility. Every sales target smashed only gave birth to even bigger ones…you get the picture.

Don’t get me wrong…they paid me well, but my god did they expect their pound of flesh in return!

Sound Familiar??

In the end I gave up my six figure salary to start my own business. No more boss to answer to. Take time off whenever I want. Keep ALL the profits for myself! Sounded pretty good so I set to work.

18 months later I had built a successful 7 figure business and was making more money than I ever had in the employed world.

But here’s the thing…

When I was employed I used to think I had no free time, but that was nothing compared to how things were now!

Sure I didn’t have to answer to a boss anymore, but I had to answer to all my customers and they were RELENTLESS!!

If I went on holiday with the family, I was there but I wasn’t really “present” if that makes sense? The business followed me wherever I went, and so I was always on the phone trying to sort things out, replying to emails etc etc.

Remove me from my business and there was NO business…

It was only when I started to put certain “systems” in place that changes became apparent. I was able to automate a large proportion of my business literally over night. Set them up once, and they work 24/7/365

Oh and being “systems” they never have a bad day, never phone in sick, never ask for a pay rise or leave for a competitor! They just keep on working and growing your business, without eating up more and more of your time.

So I don’t personally agree with the phrase “Time is Money” I don’t agree with it one bit!┬áTo me they are two separate and distinct things and you DON’T have to trade one for the other.

Maybe you can relate to this post as a business owner because you’ve reached a point where you simply cannot move forward, or you feel overwhelmed with the lack of time you have for the more important things in life.

Maybe it’s struck a chord with you because you’re currently employed but you HATE your job and you’ve been seriously thinking about starting your own business, but you’re concerned about it taking over your life as it does so many self employed people.

If what I’ve said has really got you thinking and you want to learn more about how to automate YOUR business, or how to grow a business in the right way from the ground up then why not leave a comment or drop me an email.

I look forward to helping you work “smarter” not harder, so you can have more free time for what’s important to you!