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Creating A Custom Wrapper For Your Affiliate Offer

Many people feel that Affiliate Marketing simply doesn't work, but the reality is they're just doing it wrong.

In this video I show you how to create a custom front end "Wrapper" to your affiliate offer which will position you as an authority, raising you head and shoulders above the competition, so that your prospects continue to follow you even as they go through the affiliate funnel.

Do this right and you will never have to worry about what offer you promote...Period!

Please excuse the audio/video quality on this one, it compressed very badly for some reason, and I will no doubt be re-shooting it again in the near future! The content is there and that's the important part.

10 Steps To Facebook Ad Approval

This is an audio by a buddy of mine who is awesome at Facebook Ad account management and there are a few tips in here that will serve you well to remember when the time comes for us to open up your Ad Manager and start creating Ads. Make sure you listen to it before we activate your new Ad Account!

Power Words & Why You Should Use Them

Being able to engage your prospects on a "sub conscious" level is about as powerful as it gets! In this video you will learn how the use of certain persuasive "Power Words" can help you get the results you're looking for.

Video 1 - Setting Up Your Facebook Page

This first video shows you how to set up your Facebook Fan Page or Business Page once your new account has been active for about 7 days.

It's important that you keep posting on your new account and building your friends and timeline history over that period so that nothing looks suspicious to Facebook when it comes to warming up your Ad Account.

Video 2 - Stopping Negative Comments On Ads

I have found from experience that positive comments do not tend to have a positive effect on the performance of Ads. Negative comments however, DO have a negative effect on Ad performance. Here's how to stop that from happening...

Video 3 - Warming Up Your Ad Account

In this video I show you how to progressively "warm up" your Ad account with simple post boosts and like campaigns. This is a critical to getting your future Ads approved and also to the longevity of your Ad account.

Video 4 - The Secret To High CTR Ad Images

In this video I show you how a little thought and effort into the images you use, coupled with the right kind of supporting ad copy can skyrocket your CTR's. Is this exercise easy? No... Is it worth the effort? ABSOLUTELY!!

Video 5 - High Converting Ad Copy

When new training content is required, I will notify you as soon as it is available and upload it to this page.

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