The Devil’s In The Detail

Some people would say that what I’m about to discuss is not important…

That’s fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect that.

But today I want to show you a little trick that in my opinion will make your website stand apart just that “little” bit more.


If you know what they are, then you may well have addressed this already. If not then please read on because this can take no more than 5 mins to implement in your business and website.

A Favicon is the tiny image you see in the tabbed section of your browser, to the left of the text in each tab, like in the image below.

favicon tabs image



Any credible website will have one, but many don’t…

Most of these are personal blogs, or sites set up by novices who don’t use the for business purposes so it’s not something that would even come into play as being important.

But for those of us who run an online business or are wanting to build one, it’s something that needs to be addressed in my opinion. The devil is in the detail as they say, and no matter what your opinion is on this matter, perception is EVERYTHING.

Many wont pick up on this small detail as lacking, but I can assure you that for every prospect who doesn’t, there will be one who does and they will assign this as a lack of credibility to your site and therefore to YOU.

So here’s a few pointers on how to fix this real quick!

I’m assuming for the purpose of this tutorial that most will be running a hosted site through the WordPress platform.

Step 1: Creating your Favicon

If you already have a company logo, you can take all of it or a proportion of it that fits well into a square space. The size of the square at this stage doesn’t really matter. I used a 300×300 pixel template for creating mine.

The most common sizes as an end result will be an image 32×32 or 16×16 depending on the screen resolution used, but the 300×300 pixel template is a good size to create your Favicon. Not too big and not too small.

Open an image editing platform (microsoft paint is more than adequate) and load your chosen image into the template.

When you’re happy with the look of it, click on “resize” and opt for pixels not percentage. Reduce the image to 32×32 pixels and save it.

Next you need to open your browser and go to

You will see the Favicon Generator in the center of the page and you will note it is set by default to 32×32. It looks like this….

generator image

Click on “Choose File” and pick the image file you saved on your PC or Laptop. Then click “Generate Favicon” That’s stage one complete! You now have a compatible image that can be used on your WordPress site. The next step is to get it on there…

Step 2: Uploading your Favicon

The image generated should be an “Icon” or .ico file and this is how it needs to stay in order for it to work on your site.

Next you need to go to your hosting account and into your cpanel for the relevant site/domain name.

Once inside your control panel you need to upload the .ico file that was generated by the favicon generator site to your main “root” directory. You can do this by direct upload from your cpanel or via your FTP client.

Once the image is uploaded there is just one more thing to do!

In order for this to show in the tab section at the top of your browser you need to insert the following piece of script into the “header” file of your site.

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”<?php echo get_stylesheet_directory_uri(); ?>/favicon.ico” />

Go to your wordpress sites dashboard and click on “Appearance” then “Editor”

You will see on the right hand side a file called “Header” or “Header.php” with the contents of this file in the edit box in the center of the screen.

Look for the line of code that begins with <link rel=”shortcut icon” and ends with ?>/favicon.ico” /> and replace it with the line of code above.

If this line of code does not exist, then you need to insert the code below where it says <head>

Save the changes, go to your main site in your browser and click refresh and your Favicon should be there!

Like I said, many people will see this exercise as not important, but at the end of the day, it only takes 5 minutes and will add credibility to YOU by means of your prospects perception of your site.

Hope you found that helpful and if you’re going to take action with this, leave a comment below committing to do it and then let me know when it’s done!

Have a great day!