How To Double Your Opt In Rate

It’s quite common for many marketers to make do with a 20% average opt in rate.

That might be fine with any organic free traffic you get, but if you’re paying for traffic you want the most “bang for your buck” as they say!

In my opinion you really should be aiming for a minimum 40% opt in rate or above, and I know this isn’t unreasonable as I have regularly averaged over 50% with my best being 58.4%

If you’re struggling to break above 20% here’s one really simple and quick tweak you can make that on average DOUBLES the opt in rate of most landing pages it’s applied to.

You have to remember that we are dealing with REAL people here and not just numbers in your auto-responder account and if placed in a real life situation it’s very unlikely they would feel comfortable in giving you their name, phone number, and email address all in one hit.

That being the case, it’s safe to assume the reaction online would be no different. The more information you demand from your prospects, the more likely they are to decline.┬áSo keep it to the bare minimum of information you need to keep in contact with them.

My simple tip for today then is to look at your current webform and simplify it as much as possible based on the above.

Gone are the days when you need people’s first name as well as their email address. People have wised up and know darn well that the email they just received from you starting with “Dear John” has also gone out to everyone else on your list with their names inserted.

So if your webform is a combination of first name & email, lose the first name form and only ask them for their email.

Then simply go into your email sequence and replace the “firstname” section at the beginning with something like “Hey it’s Andy here! Then get straight into your content! Easy Peasy!

This simple tweak has been proven to double opt in rates and may be just what you needed in order to get your list building efforts off the ground.

Implement it today and be sure to get back to me with your results!

Talk Soon,