Are You Mobile Friendly?

Whether you’re in the process of building your new website or not, you need to be sure it’s mobile friendly.

If it’s not you’re missing out on a HUGE portion of your market!

According to the latest figures for 2015, we are already passed the tipping point of mobile usage Vs desktop or laptop usage.

Current figures show that up to 60% of all websites are viewed on a mobile device! And to correlate with that, global marketing spend on mobile devices is now up to 49%, so there’s a very visible trend here and it’s not slowing down.

If you use WordPress for you site builds, then it’s a given that you need to install a mobile plugin.

The one I personally recommend is WPtouch mobile plugin. This plugin renders on mobile and tablet seamlessly and as far as “looks” go, it’s really on point for 2015.

So make sure you add it to your list of plugins so you can tap in to the ever growing mobile market!

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