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My name is Andy Benson and it’s great to meet you!

I’m just an ordinary guy. I have no formal education whatsoever. In fact I left school without a single ‘O’ or ‘A’ Level behind me! I didn’t go to college or university. Instead I started work on my 16th birthday and in my spare time used to buy old bikes, do them up and sell them on for a profit. Pushbikes turned into motorbikes and before long, the entrepreneurial spirit had me hooked!

Over the past 20+ years my ethical, no nonsense approach to sales & marketing has earned me the respect & trust from some pretty awesome companies. Below is a selection of a few that I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to work with…

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iconlogo Warner_Bros._Pictures_logo Harrods sony_pictures_logo  Ministry-of-sound-logo   EA

During that time I have generated over $6.4 million in sales, built my own 7 figure business in under 18 months, and won industry awards for my marketing campaigns.

I don’t say this to brag…but rather to illustrate that anything is possible if you’re passionate and focused enough on what you truly want.

Now my goal and passion to help ordinary everyday people just like me, fulfill their dreams so they can finally start living life on THEIR terms by leveraging the power of the internet.

So let me ask you a few questions…

  • Are you an entrepreneur looking to build a solid and sustainable business?
  • Perhaps you’re a small business owner struggling to get a real online presence?
  • Are you stuck in a job that you just HATE and you’re looking for a better way to make an income?
  • Or maybe you’re a stay at home mum looking to replace your income so you don’t have to go back to work and leave your little ones?

Whatever your current situation is, I’d like to help you change it right here and now, so that you can finally start to live the life you truly desire…

Are you ready to join me? If the answer is “YES” then I’m ready and excited to help you on your path to success!


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